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Innovation as an Endless Way

Basically, every innovation comes from the combination of existing elements for new goals.

Walter Isaacson in The Innovators: The story of Hackers, Genius and Maniacs, which gave birth to the digital revolution (2015) writes: "The digital age may seem revolutionary, but its growth is based on ideas inherited from previous generations. Collaboration is The best innovators are those who understand the flow of technological change and continue the work of previous innovators. "

Michael Aldrich, a British entrepreneur and innovator, is often referred to as the foundation of e-commerce or e-commerce.

Aldrich, who does not appreciate his family's daily shopping every week, imagines what would happen if he could connect a TV and a supermarket to shop from afar. In 1979, Aldrich realized the idea: he connected the television with telephone lines and created the "télé-achat".

In the early 1990s, when the Internet was still in the development stage, the idea was that new information technologies, combined with innovative public policies, could facilitate consumer purchases. Internet is vertical and immediately used for business purposes. Online market sites such as Amazon and eBay are growing rapidly.

E-commerce has a significant advantage over traditional stores or mail order.

On the online market sites, customers can see prices, organize order lists informally, choose products from very wide options, to find the best prices in a few clicks. Important Initiatives for the Present Over the past decade, the automotive industry has undergone profound changes, including through expanded use of the Internet and social media. According to Lin Grosman, marketing director of GoDataFeed, the use of e-commerce is a must for industry players.

Bobby Akbar, a 28-year-old Bandung tour operator, complains, for example, that buying a car is exhausting. In Tirto, he said: "To know the details of the price and specifications of the car, I spend the 2 fastest days, this does not include the search or a test drive if the car I want is to be nonexistent - which means having to wait again. "

The market is changing and businesses need to understand: the integration of physical and online shopping experiences is very important, especially as consumers make more and more decisions based on the information they take on the Internet. In 2020, 40% of the automotive market will be thousands of years old. And according to AutoTrader research, 95% of millennials who buy cars buy cars via the Internet.

In Indonesia, the online automotive market is not new.

Similarly, auto insurance and after-sales services. Everything has been digitized. But there is still a gap: services are largely independent. It was at this point that the Astra group understood the gap and filled it with visionary products.

"If only one application summed up all that," Bobby said, "it would be very easy."

Recognizing that the automotive industry is a "backyard", the Astra group has launched Seva.id: the integration of various business sectors into a digitally accessible platform. Seva is born from the tradition of a giant company recognized for the sale of its vehicles, its insurance and its maintenance services.

"On Seva.id, you can order vehicles, exchange old vehicles, apply for a test drive, calculate monthly payments using a credit calculator, program vehicle maintenance service, search The nearest dealer, to find the nearest car park, collaborate with car dealerships and finance companies and vehicle insurance companies that can reach you directly, "Seva.id said.

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