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It's time for Jose Mourinho to learn from Eric Cantona

On 21 March 2017, announced by Independent, Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho complained about the attitude of young players. According to him, young players today - even if they are 23 - have not deserved to be called men.

"Today, I call them" children "and not" men. "Because I think they are bad and what's around them now does not help their lives or my work. to all this, "said Mourinho.

"Ten years ago, no player brought a mobile phone to the cloakroom, but you must be willing to accept it, because if you object, you will create a conflict and to put you in the stone age. "

the criticism is directed at the audience, but if you see how Mourinho has repeatedly criticized United's young players, it was clear that Luke Shaw, Marcus Rashford, Martial, and Paul Pogba, clearly indicated the direction of the conversation from Mourinho.

Interestingly, the critics have indeed been able to attack Mourinho himself by landslide. As a coach, Mourinho is a coach with a huge ego. An ego that has been repeatedly closed successfully by the title title won by the Portuguese. But when the performance began to be solitary, when the ego did not want to despise an article, what Mourinho certainly seemed strange: how many times did he blame someone for hiding his mistakes?

It's very different from a Manchester United legend: Eric Cantona.

Like Mourinho, Cantona actually has a very big ego. In 1995, he had already been sentenced to 8 months for beating Matthew Simmon, a supporter of the Crystal Palace. The incident was very detrimental to United and was a failure in the 1994-95 season. So why did the young players from United at the time still consider Cantona an example? Easy: it is a player who trains always hard even if his capacities already exceed several levels of those of the other players. In addition, he also believes in young players.

Interviewing hard training, Paul Ince, former partner at Cantona at United, once said: "Cantona will always come at half-past nine in the morning - about an hour before we all come - to warm up, train our talents and lead balloon. "

"Near the end of the season, about eight or nine players joined him to start training at nine-thirty in the morning," continued Ince.

Cantona's routine has succeeded in inspiring young United players, like Gary Neville, Ryan Giggs, to David Beckham. "Eric Cantona at age 50: the reasons he is a Manchester United legend" Giggs admitted that Cantona was one of the reasons his career could be so legendary. When Cantona always arrived at the earliest and returned at the end of each training session, Beckham also realized that he had to imitate him. However, when the young players wanted to attract the attention of Cantona "The back of the former captain of United is far from being touched by the players.

"We are still desperate to get his attention," said Gary Neville.

When Cantona was sentenced to eight months of imprisonment for kungfunya, it was the youths who later became United's main weapon to compete in the 95-96 Premier League season. Alan Hansen, a former Liverpool player, laughed at Sir Alex Ferguson's game. He then pronounced a famous phrase: "You will not be able to win anything with children."

At first, Hansen's statement approached the truth. United immediately lost 1-3 against Aston Villa in the opening game of the league. United young players have walked. However, in the next five games, United still wins. David Beckham, Paul Scholes, until Ryan Giggs becomes the key to victory.

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