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Domination of Short-Positioned Players in Football

One often heard how the Indonesian commentators on each national team conceded a goal by the head or that the defenders continued to duel in the air: "Losing posture!"

Indeed, the question of the winner-loser in football never gives the floor to the commentator. Remember the 2010 FIFA Ballon d'Or Award, there were two interesting things at that time. In addition to the three finalists who are Barcelona players, they all have a small posture at the height of the Europeans: Lionel Messi (1.69 m), Andres Iniesta (1.70 m) and Xavi Hernandez (1.70 m).

Of course, the notion of posture is not totally wrong.

A footballer with a high posture has its own advantages. On the front lines, top players can facilitate cross strategy. In defense, the big defenders of high level such as Virgil van Dijk (1.93 m), for example, give a safer impression than the smaller players.

However, again, the problem of whether a football team is good or not is not as simple as the level of their players. After all, even when we talk about physical human beings, we have to observe many physical parameters. VO2max (maximum volume of O2), lactic acid level in the blood, percentage of fat mass, aerobic force, anaerobic strength, are only a few known common parameters.

Back to the body posture. If you see his activities on the field, high posture is an absolute thing for the goalkeeper. Although there are also excellent goalkeepers who have a tiny body even for Asian footballers. Jorge Campos is one of the best examples. The legendary Mexican goalkeeper who is used to sewing his own uniform is only 1.68m tall.

Unlike the goalkeeper, a high stance is not necessary for a winger based on his field activities. The five basic requirements of a winger are endurance, speed, dribbling, bait and finally the ability to survive.

This is true even though football tactics are now familiar to reverse winger-type players: a winger who occupies the side of the field opposite to his best leg strength and is more free to dribble the ball into the penalty area. With this fact, the high posture will make it difficult for the winger to make the most of his abilities.

You are certainly very rare not to see a great player Per Mertesacker (1.93 m) comb the field thoroughly?

Hegemony of players with lean bodies

Indeed, the size of a short-haired footballer is not a surprise. Throughout the history of football, it is precisely the players with such postures that upset the world. Gerd Muller, Jean-Pierre Papin, Diego Maradona, call him.

One of the main reasons that short-term footballers can play better is related to the principle of biomechanics. It has been explained that the individual center of gravity of a person with a short posture is closer to the ground, which is an advantage for maintaining the balance. This is why, for example, Messi or Diego Maradona are very easy to maneuver without falling, even if they dribble at high speed.

Remember Messi's spectacular goal against Athletic Bilbao in the 2015 Copa del Rey final? TeamESPN Sports to conduct a scientific analysis of the goal.

Messi's speed in dribbling reached 31.38 km / h in 2.73 seconds. When 3 defenders from Bilbao surrounded him, Messi reduced his speed and made 3 touches in 1.2 seconds to change the movement. When he stabs in the penalty area, Messi only has a space of 5 feet before a shot on goal at a speed of 77.24 km / h. All movements along the nearly 60 meters took place in just 11.4 seconds.

According to Thomas Reilly, an expert scientist in England, on strength, speed and endurance in football practice, it has been shown that the way Messi dribbled up to 10 meters was actually much more tiring than running 100 meters.

The reason, Messi has repeatedly made speed changes when dribbling, causing the

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