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Li-Ning, Chinese Brand of Attention at the Asian Games

The costume of the Indonesian national football team at the 2018 Asian Games has become the potential lighter of the conflict. The trigger was trivial, the Indonesian Football Federation (PSSI), which had previously collaborated with Nike, but the Indonesian Olympic Committee (KOI) led by Erick Thohir chose to form a cooperation with the Chinese sports equipment manufacturers, Li Ning.

Li-Ning is the official sponsor of the entire Asian contingent at the 2018 Asian Games.

Erick explained that the Li-Ning brand was chosen as the most appropriate for the best quality and that it accepted the conditions. data. One of them provides the amount determined by KOI.

"We want to give you the best of quality and the track and record as many times as you like, and many badminton athletes use it too," said Erick, reported by Antara.

Erick's words have not been misinterpreted. For example, in the final of the Asian badminton team between Indonesia and China, the two compact teams wore uniforms with the Li-Ning "feather" logo on the athletes' right chest. This sports equipment product from Bamboo Curtain has accepted the conditions for the supply of 1,250 packages, including official and other packages. Li-Ning has become the official supplier of "clothing" for Indonesian teams such as badminton, football, basketball, volleyball, etc.

Li-Ning may not be familiar to Indonesians compared to Nike, Adidas and Yonex brands. Indeed, Li-Ning only appeared since 1990 and was trained by a former Chinese gymnastics athlete of the same name, Li Ning. As a former athlete who has made his way to a sports equipment businessman, Li Ning has been brave enough to promote the introduction of products, including sponsoring various sports teams in a country or country. by sponsoring individual athletes.

Two years after his birth, Li-Ning sponsored sports equipment for the Chinese delegation, including at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, ​​Spain, the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games and the 2004 Athens Olympics. Yifan Wang, in his book Brand in China (2007: 144) wrote to catapult the name of the brand. Li-Ning has also displayed his logo at various prestigious international sporting events.

Exactly ten years after his birth, Li-Ning started to grow by sponsoring foreign delegations as part of a strategy to market products globally. From the sponsoring of French and Czech gymnastics teams. In addition, he also sponsored the Russian delegation and NBA partner in China in 2005.

Li-Ning also beat one of the sponsors of the Spanish national men's basketball team, FIBA ​​World Champion.

In January 2007, Li-Ning signed a cooperation agreement with the Swedish Olympic Committee to become their official partner at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

"Li-Ning is fully utilizing considerable resources in sports marketing and is launching an effective marketing campaign to open the lines of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games," said Zhang Zhiyong, Li Ning's CEO.

In 2008, Li-Ning's market share in China's sports products market reached 10.5%, surpassing Adidas (15.6%) and Nike (16.7%). Li-Ning's desire to make itself known worldwide also involves collaborating with other international sports equipment companies, in particular with AIGLE International SA or AIGLE, a French sports equipment company.

The two companies formed joint ventures with 50% exclusive rights to produce, market, distribute and sell products for 50 years. "We have decided to consolidate the company in the long term strategically, in line with Li-Ning's multi-brand business objectives, which will help increase competitiveness," he said.

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