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Old Millennial Fate Dreaming Of Having A Dream Home

Inda, 28, a woman who lives in South Jakarta, has long dreamed of having a home in South Tangerang. Unfortunately, the current monthly expense is quite significant and it is therefore not possible to pay the mortgage, even if its age is approaching three years.

"You want to buy a house in the south of Tangerang, but the money is still not enough.Limited by the down payment and installments, it is also very heavy, so I think the first pension saved everything" , did he declare.

In addition to Inda, the Millennials - born between the 1980s and 1997 - also want shelter. 

Unfortunately, house prices are still rising every year, owning a home is still far from expectations.

The millennial difficulties encountered in obtaining housing are also illustrated by the results of surveys conducted by several institutions, one of which is a study conducted by Kompas from April 7 to 11, 2017. In the survey, 300 respondents aged 25 to 35 years lived in these seven 39% of the big cities are already occupied, while the remaining 61% have no home.

The difficulty for the millennial generation to obtain housing is not without cause either. In addition to higher real estate prices, the Millennials also have other "needs", namely traveling or taking a trip that gives priority to aspects of the experience. On the other hand, the growing age will be more conservative for someone to buy a home.

The indexing of Rumah.com Property's sentimental sentiment H1-2018 indicates that no less than 63% of the 1,020 respondents in Indonesia said they would buy a house in the next six months. Of the respondents who were optimistic about the purchase of a home, 44% came from the 21 to 29 age group, also called millennia, and 35% from the age group 30 to 39 or the old millennium. .

"That's because the older age groups already have a home or they already have a lot of dependents, so the costs of the daily needs are quite high, so they have to think about two things. times if they have to take home, "said Marine Novita. , Country Manager Rumah.com.

On the other hand, the millennial generation is a potential market for the world in all sectors, including the bank. In addition, the number of millennia in Indonesia is expected to become the majority in 2020. The banking sector is looking for opportunities in the millennial market. Recently, PT Bank Tabungan Negara Tbk. launched a special Millennium Loan Program (KPR).

On the official page, an invitation to Millennials to buy a home was clearly posted. "KPR Gaeesss! The KPR of the millennial generation. Take advantage of the ease of applying for a KPR / KPA especially for you millennials."

This millennial special mortgage program is prepared by BTN to meet the millennial desires for shelter, apartments and housing. Of course, this BTN KPR is also ready to be affordable for the millennium. For example, the debtor does not need to deposit funds into the account. Typically, potential debtors are required to deposit a certain amount of money into a bank account where they apply for a mortgage loan as a security deposit.

BTN also offers discounts on administration and fees up to 50%.

Process costs related to the reclamation process incurred by the debtor will also be included in the credit limit. That is, the debtor can be more economical or do not overload the bag.

BTN also provides facilities such as a minimum down payment facility of 1% for the first mortgagor. In addition, debtors of KPR Gaeesss can also repay the principal debt for 2 years. BTN also offers a moderate interest rate of 8.25% (fixed) for 2 years. In order to further reduce the down payment burden, BTN also offers a credit life of up to 30 years for mortgages and 20 years for KPAs (apartments).

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